Hello, I'm Emmanuel CARADEC. I'm a french software engineer. I like to build small and large software projects. I like to understand things deeply, though deeply in a very unlimited endeavour.

Here are a few of my personal projects:

  • J86 is a compiler for a subset of a C like language that compile code down to optimized x86.
  • Qatapult is a keyboard application launcher ala Quicksilver for Windows
  • SwiffOut is a browser extension that brings native fullscreen functionnality to flash games. It comes in IE, Firefox and Chrome flavours.
  • FScript : a plugin to write plugins for FindAndRunRobot, a great keyboard launcher
  • My blog grownsoftware whose name reminds myself that software is grown not built

I'm generally known at various places under the nickname ecaradec like my twitter account, on my board on the donation coder forum.