These pages were the activescripting newsgroup FAQ. They were collected by Mark Baker, and originally were hosted on his site. His website is down since several years, I tried to contact him but couldn't. I hope everything is fine for you Mark.

This FAQ has been invaluable resources when working on FScript (a FARR plugin ). It's a little bit old technology but it can do great stuff still.

I couldn't get back some of the pages from google cache or from web archive. If someone has them, I'll be happy to add them.


Getting Started

Hosting – General

In the .NET World

Hosting – Running Scripts

Hosting – Debugger

Hosting – Objects & Events

Hosting – Microsoft Script Control

Hosting – Miscellaneous

Language Engines - General

Language Engines - VBScript

Language Engines - JScript

Language Engines – PerlScript

Language Engines – PythonScript

Language Engines – TclScript

Language Engines – HaskellScript

Language Engines – RubyScript

Language Engines – LuaScript


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